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The Fastest Way to Cut Your Video

Automatic Silence Removal and Smart Cutting using AI.
Instant Jump Cutting for Vloggers, Streamers, Influencers, Podcasters and all Content Creators.
Fully Browser Based.

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Cutting your video should not take forever.

It should not be necessary to spend hours on repetitive tasks like manually editing out silence and creating jump cuts. SavvyCut uses AI and speech detection to quickly remove those pauses and automatically creates jump cuts for you. This frees up your time to be creative instead.


Automatically remove awkwardly long pauses.

Even short moments of silence can accumulate to minutes of wasted time and make your video awkward. You can easily prevent this by automatically removing this dead air from your videos.


Create good-looking jump cuts in seconds without loss of quality.

Unlike other video cutters SavvyCut does not need to re-encode your complete video due to its Smart Cut algorithm. This means you get instant cuts with no reduction in video quality.


Also works for audio only.

Automatically cut long pauses from your podcasts, commentaries, interviews or other audio files.


Export markers for your favourite video editor.

If you want to fine-tune cuts or continue editing you can export markers as XML file for importing into video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.


Works on mobile devices.

With SavvyCut you do not have to use a desktop computer to cut your video. Just record a video on your mobile and let SavvyCut take care of instantly creating a good-looking jump cut.


No installation needed.

You do not need to install SavvyCut or take care of any update. Just visit to start cutting on any device and let us take care of updates.


No file upload to the cloud needed.

SavvyCut works directly in the browser on your device without the need to upload any files to cloud servers. This means no lengthy uploads, no used data packets and no privacy concerns.